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Thursday, 10 May 2012

CCARS12 Geocaching Event

Getting excited about the upcoming weekend of geocaching on May 26th and 27th in Calgary! We will be starting with a Cache In Trash Out (CITO) gathering where we find some caches and pick up garbage in a local park at the same time. This is the traditional way to start a CCARS event and we always get a good turnout with lots of enthusiastic hands filling up bags of trash.

CCARS stands for Calgary Cache and Release Spring event. Cachers from Calgary and the surrounding area are madly working on creating new caches to hide for this weekend event. The caches must fall into certain categories and will be judged by those who find them. Awards will be given for the best caches in each category and for over-all favourites. This is a fun event and a great way to meet other cachers and to increase your list of found caches.

For more information on the kick-off event go here. There will also be a midnight gathering on the Saturday night for anyone who is interested in doing some night-caching or just celebrating their successes of the day. Go here for more info. And finally there will be a wrap-up gathering where the awards will be handed out and stories told of amazing finds and amusing searches. Go here for more info on the location and time of the wrap-up.

I'm hoping to cache with a few friends who have just started geocaching and have not yet taken part in any events. If you are interested in joining us please leave a message here in the comment section. Would love to have you along!


  1. Is there any way in which I could get some information on what GeoCaching is? What is Cache? I have heard about this through my Niece, but still do not understand what it is. My email address is: hadalgleish02@yahoo.ca
    Thank You. It is a Family one in which I would be interested in.

    1. Thank you for reading my blog. There is a wealth of information at www.geocaching.com as well as a video clip you can watch in my January blog archive on the right. Geo-caching is a great family activity that anyone can enjoy. Participants look for containers (called caches)hidden by other players, using GPS units or cellphone apps to guide them. The website membership is free and the game is open to everyone. Please read back to earlier posts for more information.

  2. I saw the posting above and have sent along some information on behalf of the CCARS12 organizing committee. If anyone else needs more information or a copy of "Introduction to Geocaching" feel free to email us at geowyrm@shaw.ca

    1. Thanks geowyrm for helping out! See you at CCARS12! :)