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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Need to Geocache - Suffering withdrawal!

Well, this fall has not been kind to our geocaching stats. First we all got terrible colds just when the weather turned cold so we were not feeling up to venturing outside. Then, the coughing caused back spasms for me and I was unable to walk, let alone drive. And finally, a few weeks ago I had surgery on my mouth which sapped the remaining energy I had in reserve. This all happened just as I took on a new position at school with more hours and responsibilities. So, geocaching had to take a backseat until I could get all our family routines back in order.

I started tonight with a bedtime walk for our dog Scooby. She was beside herself with excitement when she realized my intentions. We kept it short due to the temperature (-18 C) but it was exciting enough when we kept losing the ball in the snow. Scooby came home happy and tired.

Now I need to get our Christmas decorations up and some cards sent out. The littlest goat and I are heading to Vancouver for Christmas and I am hoping to do at least one cache while we are there just to get us going again.

Stay tuned!