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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Geocaching at Nose Hill Park

I had a day to myself while my daughter is at Brownie camp and I decided to combine a dog walk and some geocaching this afternoon. Took Scoobydoo and her frisbee to Nose Hill Park where the air was cold but didn't stop lots of people from being out enjoying the spring day. Unfortunately we only found two caches before my free Geocaching app for iPhone lost its satellite feed and wouldn't come back. I did get a photo of one cache container which is a large plastic tube (about 16") containing lots of good swag for trading. Since our grass and plants still don't realize spring is here, the cache was covered very neatly with sticks which actually made it stand out quite well. In a couple months this will be well hidden by longer grasses and undergrowth.

Tomorrow I am still hoping to attend the workshop on how to hide a cache as my family is anxious to do a good job on our first hide. I'll post anything interesting I learn!


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